Making tradition visible!

The “Huber unterm Baum” ancestral farm. Where exactly does the name come from? “Huber” actually means a small house or stable. The original farmhouse was only a small part of the building as it stands today. Subsequent generations extended it until it took on its present form. Originally there must have been a large tree (Baum) under which the little house stood, and to which it owes the name that it has retained until the present day. Our farmhouse has also retained its charm, something that guests can experience for themselves during their holiday. Did you know that in days gone by, old walls and buildings were demonstrably always built in very particular places? That’s why people feel especially comfortable and at ease there. The unique atmosphere of history and tradition cannot be artificially created in any modern building anywhere in the world. Try and you’ll see what we mean! Today the farmhouse has been designated an ancestral farm and has its own coat of arms. The family line stretches back a long way and has a story all of its own. If you like, you are welcome to find out more, perhaps on a tour of the orchards and vineyards with the landlord. He will be pleased to tell you all about it!

Kassian's Tip: Visit our ancient 11th century wine cellar with the landlord.