Pure indulgence – and all home grown!

  • Experience the fascination of watching blossom turn to fruit and grapes to wine. The unique combination of hotel and farm enables our guests to enjoy our special home grown delights.
  • Apples, wine and more: our family pedigree stretches back many generations. The farm and agriculture are not only traditions for us, but an attitude to life. Thanks to our home grown produce, you can take this attitude home with you and treat yourselves, your family, friends and acquaintances!
  • Our home grown Plattentaler grapes ripen on the southern slopes of Algund. Many years of experience and South Tyrol’s unique climate give the wine a special flavour every year. Why not give it a try?
  • Turning grapes to vinegar Acidic, but extremely healthy and the perfect way to complement a tasty salad. Matured for months in wooden barrels, Kassian’s natural homemade vinegar can be enjoyed both on holiday and at home.
  • The landlord is a passionate farmer. Our aim is to achieve a special taste experience fresh from the farmer’s very own trees. See for yourself - they taste twice as good! Different apple varieties grow around the hotel and are just waiting to be sampled by you. What’s your favourite variety?
  • apple at its best: pure, naturally cloudy apple juice with no additives or preservatives. An old remedy for a range of minor ailments and gout; but above all a treat! Sample the taste of nature! Discriminating palates know the difference. In Kassian’s kitchen, we work hard every winter to make our produce. Choose from a range of delicious varieties of jam.
  • s something to suit every taste! And by the way, they also make the perfect gift for home! Every year our Christmas elves transform the hotel into a Christmas bakery and spoil everyone with the most delicious treats. Pick up the best ones for yourself right away!