A cosy spot!

Life in South Tyrol has long been largely lived outdoors. We look forward to being able to get out onto the sun terrace early on every year to be warmed by the sun’s rays. Not only does breakfast taste twice as good outdoors, but we can also see out the day in perfect style over a candlelit dinner, whilst enjoying the splendid views of Merano. In contrast, in our parlours, everything revolves around the famed Tyrolean “Gemütlichkeit”, or cosiness! Sit and relax in the warmth, and look back over the day with a nice glass of wine!

Culinary adventures at the Kassian with all the trappings. Is tasty food and a nice place to sit all you need for a relaxing holiday evening? Well we offer this and more! Now and again we put on a little surprise and treat our guests to a special evening event. What can you expect? Pasta nights with an open kitchen and you as the head chef, rustic buffets from the original South Tyrolean farmhouse kitchen, summer parties by the pool, apple dishes at the heart of the orchard, and culinary trips with a stop-off in the hotel’s own wine cellar and the rustic farmhouse parlour.

* Some of our themed nights are dependent on the season and weather, and therefore cannot be offered every week.