Float through the water and soak up the views!

How do Kassian’s guests enjoy our saltwater infinity pool? Always with a royal view of a fascinating land, with the mountains before their eyes, and the entire valley spreading out in front of them. If we could look around the corner, the Dolomites would be straight ahead. Here too, purely natural is the order of the day, since we use absolutely no chemical additives. Weightless relaxation and drifting along at a guaranteed 26ºC from spring until well into late autumn. In the cooler weeks of the year, we even make sure that the water temperature is 33ºC (in spring from 25.03 / in autumn until 01.11.). Incidentally, we hope you enjoy choosing your favourite spot, since you’ll be spoilt for choice! Would you prefer the shade of the organic grape vines, soaking up the sun on the lawn, or the gentle splash of the waterfall on the wooden decking?

Kassian's Tip: The jacuzzi is the perfect place to rejuvenate tired bones after a long hike.