Unique panorama views and nature in its purest form!

Three saunas await you here:

The cosy pinewood room exudes the pleasant fragrance of herbs and gentle warmth to help you unwind. With humidity maintained at a constant level and a temperature of 60°C, you can work up a healthful sweat here without putting undue strain on your cardiovascular system. The herbal fragrance does not come from extracts, perfumes or packets, but from dried herbs plucked in the Pustertal Valley. Strewn above the rising steam, these exude their delicious scent.

The spacious natural wood panorama sauna is heated to 90°C and offers sauna lovers unique panorama views. The curved wooden benches and large panorama windows offer amazingly hot views of mother nature! Thanks to the elongated design of the sauna and benches on varying levels, sauna-goers can choose where to sit or lie to find their preferred temperature.

The infrared room, panelled with spruce wood, offers comfort and relaxation to tired joints and muscles. Here, infrared light warms the air to 40°C for a gentle sweat. If you find 40°C too warm, you can leave the door slightly ajar, allowing the warmth to escape – because infrared light is particularly efficacious when aimed directly at sore muscles or limbs. Several infrared lights are positioned behind and in front of you for this purpose. After 20 minutes, you’ll feel fitter and 10 years younger!