Time to dream surrounded by
natural wood and love...

The suites, rooms and apartments of varying sizes (28-80m2) combine tradition and progress to create a natural harmony. Wood from the local forests, natural materials made of stone and wool, warm colours, and large windows and terraces with panoramic views all help our guests to enjoy peace and relaxation. One of the trademarks of our hotel is the all-around views of the surrounding landscape from every room. The loving attention to detail gives each one a special appeal.

The Zielspitze suite has space for up to four people, and is also ideal for couples who do not necessarily want separate living and sleeping areas. As almost the entire room comprises the living and sleeping area, visually it is by far the most generously proportioned suite. In addition, it is the only suite to have two balconies (both south and west-facing) and thus has sunlight from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until the last rays disappear into the night.
The Dolomiten suite features a perfect use of space. It contains a comfortable bedroom, separate living room, a small optional kitchen and a luxurious bathroom, plus additional WC. Thanks to its 50m2 of floor space, this suite is big enough to suit any situation and offers space for up to two additional beds with comfortable mattresses.
Rosengarten stands for space. Perfect for 2-6 people, the 60m2 Rosengarten suite has a large bedroom, a very large separate living room, an optional separate kitchen, and a large luxurious bathroom, as well as an additional WC. In comparison with the Dolomiten suite, its additional square meters are mainly to be found in the living room. It also has a walk-in wardrobe.
The Hirzer suite is located on the top floor of the hotel and, with its wonderful natural wood balcony, high roof-lights and windows facing two directions, is probably the lightest of all the suites. Whilst it is a little smaller than the Dolomiten and Rosengarten suites, it is still very spacious, since there is no dividing wall between the kitchen and living room. The large east-facing balcony overlooks everything, has no neighbours, and offers wonderful panoramic views towards Merano, Tyrol Castle and the Hirzer.
Above all, the Gantkofl is light! In this suite everything revolves around the large panoramic bay window with its all-around views, large glazed facades and the spacious, comfortable table which seats four or five people. The lightest suite in the farm has room for between two and four people and a large south-facing balcony. As there are only five rooms in the farmhouse, the atmosphere there is especially private and cosy.
At 42m2, the Ifinger suite offers all the amenities of the larger suites with separate living and sleeping areas. Its layout is ideal for several people, as it has an area in the living room in which any extra beds can be set up without having the slightest impact on the living space. Here too guests benefit from the extremely private atmosphere of the farmhouse, which has just five rooms.
The Rötl suite offers excellent value for money for its size! Its 80m2 contain a large bedroom, a separate kitchen, a huge living area, a spacious bathroom and a second bedroom upstairs. This suite has space for not just two to four people, but also for a large family if needed. On top of all this, there’s also an unmissable, comfortable west-facing balcony with a view of the Vinschgau Valley and Texel Group nature conservation area.